Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Cadbury’s Eyebrow Raising Eyebrow Raiser

Two children. Freestyle’s 1997 electro track ‘Don’t Stop the Rock’. A balloon. Three simple ingredients that combine to serve up one of the most talked about adverts of the year that has already resulted in cult classic status. Simple advertising with spectacular effect – Cadbury has done another ‘gorilla’.

There are many techniques available to today’s television advertisers. Whether associating brands and products with unattainable lifestyles, preying on inferiorities or insisting you need a particular product to ‘keep up with the Joneses, the psychology of marketing seems to grow ever more complex by the day. Or does it?

Fallon (www.fallon.co.uk), the creative agency behind Cadbury’s eyebrow-raising eyebrow raiser, have stuck marketing gold yet again with a creative masterpiece that has absolutely nothing to do with chocolate. By creating a shared cultural reference that the entire world and his dog are talking about, Fallon have cleverly ensured that the topic of conversation in every pub, office and school refers to a successful purple chocolate brand.

Just as a drumming gorilla captured the nation’s imagination back in August 2007, Cadbury and Fallon have succeeded yet again in using leftfield advertising to create a buzz and get people talking – arguably the most effective advertising of all.

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