Tuesday, May 19, 2009

News in Brief with the Gapster Chief

A sideways glance at the latest shenanigans of the marketing world…

The M&S bra debate rumbles on, as the retailer issues an apology for overcharging on its DD cup bras. I guess they really have had a large handful of complaints…

Coors Brewers is trialling Carling-branded mobile communications to tempt customers into pubs. What with swine flu, a battered economy and rising unemployment, I’d imagine that the majority of customers don’t actually need encouragement to drown their sorrows…

Eat Natural is apparently launching a bar that tastes like a Bakewell Tart. Because obviously, nothing tastes as ‘natural’ as a calorific, sugar-rich baked cake.

The National Trust has launched a campaign entitled ‘Food Glorious Food’, which encourages the children of Britain to grow and eat their food. Initial enthusiasm will doubtless be dampened when the ‘yoofs’ realise that chicken nuggets and Big Macs don’t actually grow on trees.

The powers in charge of England’s 2018 World Cup bid want to launch an emotive video highlighting England’s rich football heritage. Expect topless, lager-swilling, tattooed louts flinging plastic garden chairs at each other, artistically accompanied by ‘Ness’un Dorma’ then.

The Intercontinental Hotel Groups is launching an experiential campaign encouraging thousands of people to jump up and down on its beds simultaneously. I guess jumping into bed with thousands of people really does progress your position in the market.

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